NTU-NIE STEM | Workshop
9 November 2021
0900 to 1600 Hours

For ESEPP 2021/22

In our effort to ensure sustainable food supply in land scarce Singapore, there are multiple factors and constraints to consider. Harnessing modern technology in growing food is one way to overcome some of the challenges faced by Singapore in ensuring long term and sustainable food supply.

On 9 November 2021, experts on sustainable living will discuss and explore the feasibility of EDIBLE LANDSCAPES in Singapore. Come join us to find out more about the challenges and promises of growing plants and food crops in Singapore.

Learn more about how knowledge in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics can help shape the future of food in Singapore.

Target Audience:

One team comprising 4-6 teachers from at least 2 departments related to STEM. Open to all schools located in Singapore.

Tentative Plan For Workshop


9 November 2021

0900 to 1600 Hours


Introduction to the theme for ESEPP 2021/22 – Edible Landscapes


  • What is integrated STEM?
  • How to plan for integrated STEM?

Screen Break

Group Discussion

  • What are the key characteristics of a successful integrated STEM learning experience?

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Talk by Expert 1

  • Prof Paul Teng

    Managing Director & DeanNIE International Pte LtdAdjunct Senior Fellow, Centre for Non-Traditional Security Studies RSISNanyang Technological University


Discussion and ideas from Talk 1

Talk by Expert 2

  • Dr Adrian Loo

    Group DirectorWidlife management and Senior DirectorCommunity ProjectsNational Parks Board, Singapore

Screen Break

Discussion and ideas from Talk 2

Competition Rules



The workshop was successfully completed. While it may be over, you can still access the workshop materials below.

STEM Quartet Lecture

Download Here

Edible Landscapes Sustainable Food

Download Here

Conservation Research and Management at NParks

Download Here