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The theme for the Empowering STEM Education Professionals Programme 21/22 is EDIBLE LANDSCAPES. This theme is in response to Singapore's '30 by 30' initiative as we move towards producing 30 percent of our nutritional needs by 2030.

Home gardening, community gardening and gardening as a hobby has taken root in Singapore over the past few years. Growing plants and food crops is an activity that requires one to engage with scientific inquiry processes, understand systems thinking, and engage in persuading others to take concrete actions toward sustainable food supply.

As such, for this challenge, we hope teachers will be able to engage learners in understanding the complexities of producing food and at the same time maintain a beautiful landscape around Singapore. The desirable learning outcomes include understanding the biology behind plant growth, learning to design plant growth systems, optimizing conditions for growth, optimizing the mileage for resources used, and the nutritional value of various plants.


1. Enhance the quality of STEM literacy

2. Build a community of STEM educators

3. Encourage more pervasive adoption of STEM education in schools

4. Build partnerships between schools, NIE and industries for STEM education.


Competition Theme :


9 November 2021 to 28 March 2022

Design a STEM integrated activity (a lesson package) for a level of students of your choice.

Submission is now closed! Thank you to everyone who submitted.


The workshop was successfully completed. View our workshop materials to learn more about STEM education and the competition.

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The multi-centric education, research and industry STEM education research centre at NIE (meriSTEM@NIE) aims to lead and catalyze STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education research, teaching and partnerships in Singapore so that future generations of educators, learners, and citizens are able to harness relevant STEM knowledge and skills in addressing current and emerging challenges for self and others